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Keno game rules

  • Keno is a lottery-like gambling game.
  • Game rounds and results are the same for all players.
  • Various bet levels are available in this game.
  • Each round consists of a betting period and a playing period.

Betting period

  • Pick from 1 to 10 numbers to make a bet. Each bet is added to the bets table.
  • You can make up to 50 bets in each round.

Playing period

  • 20 balls are drawn during the playing period.
  • Numbers picked for each bet in betting period should match with balls' numbers which were drawn in playing period to get winnings according to paytable.
  • The minimum number of hits required to win varies depending on the quantity of numbers you picked (see Paytable).

Multiple wins

  • You can make multiple bets during betting period and each bet can have its own win.
  • Each bet win is shown in WIN column of bets table during playing period. You can use left-arrow and right-arrow to switch between pages.

Bet limitations

  • The sum of all bets can not exceed 5000 per round

Return to player

The theoretical return to player:

  • 1 pick - 75.00%
  • 2 picks - 98.10%
  • 3 picks - 90.19%
  • 4 picks - 89.02%
  • 5 picks - 86.08%
  • 6 picks - 93.79%
  • 7 picks - 93.61%
  • 8 picks - 92.94%
  • 9 picks - 93.49%
  • 10 picks - 90.82%


  • Horizontal line: numbers selected
  • Vertical line: numbers coincided
  • Vertical and horizontal lines crossing shows multiplier for each bet to calculate bet win.
  • The winning amount for each bet is calculated as current bet multiply by the multiplier according to Paytable.
  • The winning amount for the round is calculated as sum of each bet winning

Game setting options

  • "+" Click to add current bet to the bets table
  • "RAND" Click to select numbers randomly. Digit [1,2..10] sets quantity of numbers which will be picked randomly.
  • "REPEAT" Click to add a bet as in previous game round
  • "CLEAR" Click to cancel currently picked numbers
  • "MENU" Click to open game menu
  • "BET AMOUNT" Click to increase bet amount
  • "SOUND" Sound effects. Turns the game sound effects on or off.
  • "MUSIC" Music effects. Turns the music on or off.
  • "FULLSCREEN" Click to open game in the fullscreen mode.
  • "STATS" Click to open statistics screen.
  • "HELP" Click to open game rules and PAYTABLE.
  • "CLOSE" Click to close menu.
  • "LOOKUP" Click to lookup bet of another random player
  • "HISTORY" Click on arrow to expand the history of rounds
  • "COUPON" Click on arrow to expand the coupon of bets


The stats section reflects statistical information about the most frequently drawn numbers and number predictions. At the beginning of the game, statistics are formed based on the previous 8 rounds. During the game the statistics change based on new information about the drawn numbers. When you leave the game your stats are not saved.

Additional information

  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered viod
  • In case of disconnection from the network during the game (e.g. internet connection, outage, PC crash, etc.): if a player has already placed a bet by clicking "+" button and the funds have been withdrawn from his account, then all winnings from this round will be added to player's balance.

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